Conference / Seminars

S No Title of the Seminar/Workshop Dates
1 Enabling Works for Infrastructure Project 11th October, 2017
2 Outcome Based Education (OBE) 4th January, 2017
3 Outcome Based Education (OBE) 12th November, 2016
4 Geotechnical Structures 23rd April, 2016
5 One day Seminar on Word Environment Day-2015,  jointly organized by SUIT and Pakistan Environmental Protection Foundation 5th June, 2015
6 One-Day Seminar on “Environmental  Protection”-a joint venture of SUIT and British Council, Peshawar Chapter at PC Peshawar 20th May, 2015
7 One-Day Seminar on “Micro Hydro Power (A case study of Northern Pakistan) 26th February, 2015
8 Seminar on Water & Waste Water Treatment and Designing 12th February, 2015
9 Seminar on Road Safety Issues in Pakistan

11th February, 2015